~attention Daisy May~



Howdy girl!! I thought I'd start you a topic on here cause everybody eles has one!!! Im ready to go racin!! I was about to ask you if you were but I know you ready to go racin!! When are you not!!LOL!! Well Ill see ya tomorrow!

Love ya like a sis!
thought i would let you know that I am at home and i am very bored! OH and it was me but i forgot to change my status to "Gone Swimming" Sry! i am here now and yes i am ready to go racing! And thank ya sis fr starting me a topic! but anyway i loves ya to!
hey girl!!! When I asked if it was you on yahoo I kinda figured it was Brad!! I didnt want to say HEY GIRL if it was him! LOL!! Well youre welcome for the topic!!

Love ya
see im a good friend!! Im the one keepin this topic goin!!
u to finally i gots to admit that was some perty racing! First off Seth was all on everyone out there until a little incident with one of "our freinds". ANd of corse Jeramie Armstrong and the popcorn man in turn three. i want you to know jeramie u r aggitating Micah scared me before i could tell ya! And Chris was getting it till he had motor problems. And David "my daddy" stone got third! oh and Kevin was running strong as well! And Alan well nice try anyway! And Mr. Bragg was getting a little evil out there in the heat race but thats ok we love him! And most of all " Ray Emery" who finally got sick of all te beating and banging as well! Way to go! i wish u would have made it in the main! well nice try all of ya! but we gotta be careful next weekend u know why! well i love ya'll see ya saturday!

p.s. Lynn get ur butt back out there! oh and nice to meet u to drt lvr!
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