~*§*Attention Katie*§*~



There now you can feel loved Katie! LOL! You got your own topic!
Hello Katie!!! Good luck to the 79 crew this weekend:calpping:
We start her a topic and she don't even write on it. Now Katie!
Im sorry yall!! I didnt see it!!! LOL!! Oops!!!! AWWW, I feel so loved!!!! Thank you Erica and Kasper!!! I know who my real friends are!!! LOL

Oh and thanks Kasper for the good lucks to Chris!!

Love yall, Katie

I got my own TOPIC-----:hyper: :calpping:
well i don't ker cuz i gots my own smilies! HA Ha Ha Ha! i loves ya katie!
you come up with the darnest things!!! Im goin to find me some know!!

love you too girl
lol, man i found all kinds of faces and they wont even work!! JUST MY LUCK!!
Hey Katie! :waver:

Good luck to the 79 crew this weekend! :calpping:
1st of all little miss Daisy im not stupid!! We'll see how stupid I am Saturday night!!!

HEY MARIA!!!! LOL!! Thank you girl

Love ya, Katie
Hey Daisy!! You come up with the cutest things!!! LOL!!! Im gonna figure out how to do those someday!!! LOL!!

Love ya goffy,
see now this is gonna be m running over a piss ant funeral!
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