Back from Daytona



hey guys im back, Daytona is a dump but the race was pretty damn good.

i'll give you more details tomorrow if you guys wanna hear it....its 12 am here now and ive been on the road since 9 am so im gonna crash.
Just curious, did you throw your seat cushion on the track? If you did, Why didn't you do it when 24 was right behind 15 so 24 could possibly get his lap back.
im spoiled by charlotte, Charlotte is such a nice track...its very fan's an example, i had unreserved seats for the Busch race.....well they had a sign saying the upper seats were we were like, ok we'll sit in the middle section...well me and it seems like a half a million people went up there and they told us that it was reserved (no signs stating it was reserved.....i guess you were just supposed to know where to sit) so we all had to wonder around the track until we finally found the unreserved section.

the cup race we sat in 45 dollar seats, so im not going to complain about that. i know your going to get terrible seats for that price...but boy do they know how to pack them in like sardines in that section.

by the way, its like a steel jungle underneath the grandstands...gotta watch your head so you dont hit it.

i'll go back to Daytona but i'll pay the 100 bucks to sit high enough to see the track.

im glad no one let ole jeffie have his lap know Jeff fans were PISSED when Sterling didnt let him have his lap back? i mean come on, Sterling is leading the points and Jeffie was 2nd in points, why in the hell would Sterling let him have his lap back? it only benefits him to keep him a lap down. plus he was to dangerous to let him get his lap back.

oh and folks, there was water on the track right in front of us, right where the big one started....NASCAR claimed there wasnt any on the radio...but there was about a 5 feet wide by 20 or 30 feet long stretch of water that Jarret and Burton ran through right when they Jarret started to spin.
15 wasn't going to give him his lap back for anything. And I can't wait until the day it comes back to haunt him. Cause you know Mikey will be needing a lap back from the 24 before too long. Mikey always need a lap back.satisfied
yea your right Mikey always does......thats why he's in the top 15 in points right now and running better than he ever has in his career. :rolleyes:

you dont give guys a lap back like Gordon, not when they are running in the top 5 when they have a problem. hell its racing, you shouldnt let anyone get a lap back.
hey paul, long time no see feels like ive been gone forever
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