Bad News for Bobby



In early practice session this morning Bobby's car spun and made contact with wall at NHIS. Damge to front and rear of hte #18 Pontiac is severe enough that Bobby will be using a back-up car for tomorrow's race. This means the back of the field after his best qualifying effort in quite a while.

Hopefully the team can get the back up car ready for some practive time in HH.
I read somewhere that he's only had three top-10 starts this season. And now he's going to start in the back. And he's mired in 21st in points. This just isn't his year.
man, that team could really use a four-leaf clover, they've had almost as bad luck as Schrader's team

My neighbors got an earful this morning when I heard that (reminiscent of Kurt Busch at Daytona).

I was stressing out during final practice today when he was way back in 30's in speed, but his final time out there, he picked it up at least 12 spots, so I am hopful that they found a good setup there at the end.

I'm just hoping that second groove really works for passing.
Well if it is anything like the Truck race, all Bobby will have to do is keep the car straight and keep it full of fuel and he could contend for the win. But track position will be everything at this track b/c it is hard to pass, so he might have to do two tires to get there. Either way, he'll have his work cut out for him on Sunday.
i am sorry happyhour...........i am upset about bobby's year.........looks alot like terry's year last year
Unfourtuanatley Terry isnt having a spectacular season either...both labonte bros arent having much luck as of late. Although Bobby won somewhere this year...but I cant remember maybe Martinsville. 17th in the points for Terry, 21 for Bobby. Sorry to see it happen to the some of the nicest drivers I know.
i know that 17th is crappy, but, he is consistently finishing races, and compared to last year, he is doing hella better..........
Went off in search of something to brighten the day for some of Bobby's fans. And lo and behold there it was!!!

The last time Labonte crashed in a pre-race practice and was forced into a backup car was at Darlington Raceway in September of 2000 (65 races ago), when he won the Southern 500 after starting 37th.
thanks HardScrabble, I forgot about that....still kinda bummed though, the car that he wrecked was the car that he won Matinsville with. :waa:
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