Badlands Motor Speedway Auction Saturday

Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by StandOnIt, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Nobody bid. There were 2 onsite that made the deposit, and one online.. I know all 3. No one bid, when the starting price was 3.15, with the reserve at 6.7 mil..
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    this might have something to do with it. :idunno: Thank you government. :confused:
    County, County, what happened with the County:

    We had a major curve ball thrown at us from Minnehaha County in June of this year, just prior to when the auction was scheduled the first time. We were at the peak of interest from potential new owners and were still early enough in the season for the Speedway to operate for the remainder of the 2018 race season.

    The county recklessly issued press releases and a letter to us to cease operation because they claimed that we had fallen out of our compliance under some sort of grandfathering ordinance. This was just days before a practice race was scheduled to work in the track and to test out the various facility infrastructures. It was also just days before a posted auction was scheduled at the Speedway. Well, this blew up into a media frenzy and with the help of our legal team, the county finally retracted the letter and everything was back to normal.

    But obviously it wasn't, as buyer after buyer and so many of the interested parties were now nervous that the county may come in and "shut them down" after they buy the track. We know this is not the fact, but with all of the news from literally every media outlet in the area reporting heavily on this "Bombshell News", it cast a deep shadow of suspicion on the sale.

    We invite any potential buyers to contact our legal team of Chris Healy or Mark Meierhenry at Meierhenry Sargent LLP in Sioux Falls, SD, 605-336-3075. You can also contact Scott Anderson or his office at the Minnehaha County department of Zoning and Planning as he was the person who both wrote the letter and then retracted the letter. Although their actions have caused great damage to selling the property when we could have, we are confident from all sides that this was a mistake and will not be a problem for us or any future property owner.

    a pretty whimsical write up by the press and a no more auctions buy it now price here
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    yeah the article says the current owner dumped a ton of money into it and it shows. Looks like a field of dreams to me.
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    Ive been going to Husets since the mid seventies when I lived in Minnesota (about 50 miles from the track.) and before I moved to Iowa, (im now 85 miles away) My first date with my wife of now 42 years was there. Ive provided a push truck for 9 years, and we were also the pace truck for Husets for the last 3 years it was in existence..We're currently 2 years into the 4 year process of retiring to South Dakota 9 miles from the speedway.. We're also building a new shop, and own a residential building lot, and a month ago purchased a acreage, so the move is getting real now. Husets/ Badlands is one piece of the puzzle, why I chose south east South Dakota to retire . The speedway means alot to me and thousands of other race fans in the Sioux Falls and surrounding area. SIoux Falls is a sprint car community. When Brennan purchased Husets, it was very tired and in need of major repairs to the infrastructure, and the seating. Many times I would contact the Husets owners about deficiencies in the steps, or the seating that could were a hazard and lead to a liability lawsuit should they fail on race night. Many times, those notices went unfixed. Everything Brennan did to the speedway, needed to be done, and much much more. It truly is a beautiful facility, and is in race ready condition. I drive by it dreaming of days past a couple times a week and will visit it again today. I dont feel there is anyone locally that can afford it at the 6 + million required to purchase and make a payback. We had a chance at the 3.15 m starting point at the auction, until it was revealed that was only a starting point and the actual reserve was twice that. Its going to take someone with FU money that loves racing and doesnt care about a payback. The thing about Husets, is that everything needed to be fixed there...... EXCEPT the racing. Terry McCarl will tell you that if you can race at Husets, you can race anywhere in the country. Kyle Larson in his interview on his first night there, said Husets was his favorite track to race on in video games. Kasey Kahne won there his first night ever, passing track champion Terry McCarl for the win. There are few racier joints in the country. It has always been a favorite among the World Of Outlaws on their stops on the 4th of July annually, and the racing always delivers, even on a weekly basis. Its going to take someone like Tony Stewart, Kyle Larson, Kasey Kahne, David Abreu, or a combination of all of them as a joint venture to get this place up and running again in the future,(In my opinion)

    Between Knoxville, Badlands/ Husets, and the new Jackson Motorplex, (90) mile from Badlands we have three of the finest racing facilities in the country within 4 hours of each other, with Knoxville being the furthest. Talk of a 3 night 3 track championship is a real option, if we get Badlands up and running again.

    I hope someone buys it, but Im not holding my breathe..
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    I also live right by the speedway and it’s been very sad to see it sit idle. The upgrades are fantastic but unfortunately that’s exactly what is messing it up. No one will every see a profit from it at the price that he’s asking and he’s only asking that much because he stuck so much in it. New grand stands, bathrooms, video boards, upgraded and new suites, the list goes on. They keep it immaculate and I have even seen them out there still working the track surface.
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    The information I had seen stated that if it didn't sell by the end of December, the facilities will be removed and land restored for tax reasons. The place has been for sale for 2 years.

    Sounds like the other short tracks that have been closing all over the US.
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