Best decade of NASCAR so far?

Best decade of NASCAR

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#1 Harvick Fan
Aug 17, 2018
Obviously I'm a little biased for my childhood here, but 2005 is peak NASCAR for me.
Totally subjective.1980s for me.

•Waltrip was at his best at the start of the decade.
•Earnhardt was 'Ironhead' and one tough customer in the Wrangler car. He went through some tough times and turned RCR into the dynasty as the decade closed out.
•Bobby Allison got his championship and was strong.
•Tim Richmond's incredibile 1986 (make that the 80s).
•Petty still had some good races left him in the early 80s.
•Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin went from ASA giants to excellent Winston Cup drivers.
•Million dollar "Awesome Bill" Elliott.
•Geoff Bodine may seem like a footnote to many but he got a first win for Rick Hendrick in the All Star racing car. Bodine was quirky and seemed socially awkward but I think he was underated and HoF worthy.

• It was Jack Ingram, Sam Ard, the Tommys, Larry Pearson etc in the old BGN racing series. I personally think the racing I saw from them at Hickory was the best racing I ever saw anywhere.

•The ASA was running great with Senneker, Trickle, Eddy, Miller and Kulwicki and who could have seen what was in store for Kulwicki and a journey that was rooted in the 80s.

•It was a Dillion's early 80s radical off set Camaro that looked like some ground effects car.

•Thank you Butch Lindley and Richie Evans, Rich Volger, Gordon Smiley, and many other worthy drivers, RIP.

•1982 Indianapolis Gordon Johncock slamming the door on Mears multiple times.
Johncock's sweet late race glorious pit stop, the speed of the entry was just a beautiful thing to watch. Just one snap shot of a hellacious dual that still has the jaw dropping 'oh sheit and damn' feel.

•The F1 cars that were still purely mechanical.

•Charlotte Motor Speedway was still a unique 1.5 track.
Bristol and Dover was still asphalt.
Wilksboro was the best fight.

•It was a Dick Berggren's Stock Car Racing magazine that was like a fine wine to get you through the downtimes. I devoured them and even read every ad. A lot these drivers were to far out of my zip code. The old SCR magazine made it is as vivid as possibile to me and made those drivers bigger than life to me. I am glad there was no TV. I would have not missed it for world.

•Barney Hall was the gold standard for any generation but his understated selfless method was the expectation in those days. The story was the story and not who was getting tell it.

•It was Saturday night at an ALL Pro race plus some ASA invaders following the Hot Laps pace car, they indeed were smoking Hawt. A pace car with Miss Eva Taylor in one piece leotard outfit. She would sit on top of the back seat convertable assembly and prance all over the trunk. If those race cars, the perfume of the racing gas and rubber, the drivers heating them up, along with a dancing Eva Taylor. If that didn't get you going they should have just buried you on the spot.

Last of all I still know I will forget something and have left sonething incredibile out. It was such a passionate time I enjoyed reminiscing and re-living it my mind. Some of the best moments of the day and my life.
It was the 90's for me, thats when I got into it, maybe stretch that into the early to mid 2000s.
Like everything else in our history, times were better when greed wasn’t a factor. Do the math in your own time.
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