Best Race of the weekend?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Madman88, May 27, 2019.


Best Race of the weekend

  1. World 600

    5 vote(s)
  2. Indy 500

    20 vote(s)
  3. F1 Monaco

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  1. Madman88

    Madman88 Crew Chief

    Which one did think was the best? (What ever that means)
  2. Madman88

    Madman88 Crew Chief

    Indy 500 for me. Leaders trading the lead and no cautions in the last few laps. Good stuff. F1 was not exciting.

    Can't believe I forgot to vote in my own poll. LOL
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  3. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    The actual best race was the Indy lights followed by the Indy 500. The NASCAR stage racing makes me ill and the lack of competition in F-1 has caused me to stop watching entirely. I hang on to hope that NASCAR dumps the stages and lets the races play out in a natural manner. The strategy at the Indy 500 throughout the race was the best part for me.
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  4. kkfan91

    kkfan91 Taking a 10-200

    Can I go with the 410 Sprint car race I went to at Port Royal
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  5. DIDIT

    DIDIT Old School Fan

    Attica 410 sprint race was awesome.
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  6. gnomesayin

    gnomesayin Team Owner

    The Indy 500 was terrific. There's a forum and active threads to talk about it. Doing it in the NASCAR forum is odd. None of those races occurred at the same time, so unless one were deciding to pick one to attend in person, they aren't in competition with each other.

    Anemic momentum racing isn't the best of anything, but it was a fun little warmup.
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  7. jws926

    jws926 Nissan Is Love, Nissan Is Life

    My only choice is the Coke 600 , I didnt watch the other two races.
  8. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    yeah my choice was the 600, those guys were whipped when they got out of their cars
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  9. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    But they raced and raced very hard from start to finish
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  10. BobbyFord

    BobbyFord Resident Gearhead Contributor

    I only watched Charlotte and I would be disappointed if that was the best thing on TV
  11. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    I enjoyed the Indy 500, the strategy game was really cool .... and no stages
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  12. Larsonfan1995

    Larsonfan1995 Team Owner

    The Short Track Super Series modified feature last night at Thunder Mountain Speedway
  13. jws926

    jws926 Nissan Is Love, Nissan Is Life

    It is interesting, this year has seen a lot of races up compared to last year, that is good thing, the Coke 600 drew a 2.6 overnight, up 8% from last year.
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  14. ReturnTrip

    ReturnTrip Team Owner

    It's hard to beat the finish of the Indy 500. Truex passing everyone in the carpool lane was a sadly predictable outcome.
  15. mack

    mack Team Owner

    I thoroughly enjoyed the 600. I thought NASCAR did a great job in all aspects. Indy put on a great show also. I didn't watch the Formula 1 race. The 600 gets my vote cause I'm a shill. The crowd was good, the racing was fantastic. NASCAR is on the upswing.
  16. gnomesayin

    gnomesayin Team Owner

    I don't know about best, but it doesn't get better than this about to start shortly.

  17. ToyYoda

    ToyYoda Team Owner

    Indy 500 by a nose over the Coke 600. F1 makes me sleepy.
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  18. AuzGrams

    AuzGrams Team Owner

    Personally I think the stages are pretty unnecessary. I would be okay with a halftime break and bonus points to the halfway leader or something.
  19. RacerrecaR

    RacerrecaR Orange cone

    Indy, World, and Monaco were all a 3/10 for me. Indy Lights was a 5/10. Easily the worst Memorial Day racing in quite a while
  20. aunty dive

    aunty dive Team Owner

    I enjoyed Monaco’s yacht harbor.

    The 500 seemed like the best of the other two races.
  21. be9ak7ts16

    be9ak7ts16 Hick

    Bash thread or voicing our concerns about the sorry state of affairs this sport,which I have loved for over a half a century, is in. It’s a dog and pony show with gimmicks galore. May as well have organ grinders in each corner playing requests from the crowd. I didn’t make it through the first stage. After Indy I knew there was no way the 600 could live up to it. I will voice my dissenting opinions until they throw dirt in my face.
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  22. rd45usa

    rd45usa Team Owner

    500, 600, Monaco in that order for me.
  23. gnomesayin

    gnomesayin Team Owner

    I wasn't wrong.
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  24. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

    You can do it in probably 30 different threads on this board, I've got about the same amount of time in so I'll be voicing mine too. see that freedom of speech goes both ways.
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  25. NASCAR Apologist

    NASCAR Apologist Crew Chief

    I have no clue what a World of Outlaws is. I guess it can't be as bad as a world of in-laws.
  26. be9ak7ts16

    be9ak7ts16 Hick

    Exactly, but don’t dismiss my opinion as bashing.
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  27. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    Bed for me after the first stage, I prefer surprise breaks in the race.
  28. sdj

    sdj Just a race fan

    Sunday was a Race Day for my wife and I. It is not a matter of which was best, but a matter of what the day means.

    We started with the F1 in Monaco having breakfast, then the Indy 500 with hamburgers and hot dogs, then the 600 with left overs, then to bed and finish the 600 over coffee Monday morning. (Love my DVR)

    We watched all three because it is a day of racing all over the world. The F1 race is what it always is and to make that circuit 78 times without hitting the wall or guard rail is amazing, it takes skills that few have.

    The Indy 500 did not disappoint, all the prerace observance of our Armed Forces was touching, the racing was close and crazy.

    The 600 was the best to me for a lot of reasons. The absolute reverence for our troops living and those that paid the ultimate price. Each car had a name of a fallen hero, Mike Joy would tell the history of the soldier when they would be looking at a particular car. The prerace ceremony, as always, is second to none. The playing of Amazing Grace on the Bag Pipes, if that did not choke you up, something is wrong. The 30 seconds of silence after the first stage was a choked up moment as well.

    As far as the race goes, it was very good for a Charlotte Race.

    Summary: We enjoyed all the races.
  29. Madman88

    Madman88 Crew Chief

    75% preferred Indy as of now, I'm really surprised it's this lopsided for Indy with the ratings everyone gave the 600 in the rate the race thread.

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