Bob Bahre


Ryan Preece and short tracks
May 18, 2014
Loudon is a wonderful track. It's really the last "intimate" track constructed, meaning the property is wandering, there's trees, topography, hills, grass, distinct camping areas with nooks and crannies- all tracks after it are just 500 acre plots of land made as flat as possible with all signs of nature removed.

Racing-wise the Cup race was never the most anticipated on the schedule, but for the lower-tier divisions in the 90s and 00s New Hampshire was (and still is) the Holy Grail of Northeastern US/Canadian racing. The modifieds and the K/N (then NASCAR North) series would draw 40+ cars for this huuuuge national stage on a track twice as big as nearly anything else they'd race on. Even today, the modifieds are still considered the best race of the weekend at NHMS when the Cup series comes. Their legacy is being solidified as they now get their own "main event" in September each year with the Musket 250, now in it's third-running.

Bahre did a great job! Always heard he was great with the fans. He should be proud of his pet project!
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