Bobby Labonte-Jimmy Makar ?



A shakeup is looming within the Bobby Labonte-Jimmy Makar team, according to team sources. Labonte has not been pleased with the team for some time.

"It is tough," Labonte said. "In 2000 it was easy. This year we're working three times as hard as we did in 2000, and we're going nowhere. Nothing's falling into place."

Labonte won at Martinsville in April and won last year at Atlanta and Pocono.
Sounds like a crew change up is coming!
I had a feeling something like this was going to come up soon. I really hope a change is just members of the crew and not Jimmy. I know they've been unhappy with the pit crew at several races. We'll see....
Looks like silly season could just turn into flat crazy season this year.:rolleyes: I guess wider was better in Bobby's eyes.
Bobby and Jimmy are best friends. I would be really surprised to see Jimmy go. As far as the rest of the crew never know.
That's what I'm thinking too ft18. I know that a crew chief swap with the 20 wouldn't work b/c I think Zippy is the only one who can deal w/ Tony. I guess a good place to start is with some crew members.

(by the way, tried to pm you but your box is full)
I'd say your best bet will be a shake-up of the crew members. I'd say Labonte and Makar will stay where they are, but hey, ya never know!
This may sound far fetched,But wouldn't be nice to see Bobby,and Texas Terry start there own team with Jerry Jones,Oh I didn't start a rumor did I?:p It could happen.;) :soldier:
No it would not. Jerry Jones is evil. And after every plastic surgery he's looking more and more like Micheal Jackson.
Ya,And I bet he plays with his Monkey too Follow18,And you are right Jerry gets what Jerry wants most of the time.Like a Tiger on a Gazzelle,He goes for the throat.
Jerry Jones with Gibbs' boy? Oh now that would be scandalous.

Jerry Jones in Nascar in general has been a very disturbing prospect for me. Get ready for a three-ring circus!
Lets see,Terry already works for the Jerry Jones of Nascar,maybe Bobby say's if you can't beat em Join em.Pontiac will make Jerry an offer he can't refuse.
We need to stop with all this talk! I'm starting to get sick...
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