Bosstrom Injured in turn 2 crash



Bostrom Injury Plays Havoc With Points
Sunday, July 13, 2003
by dean adams
Suzuki's Mat Mladin currently leads AMA Superbike points with 356, with Eric Bostrom behind him at 350.

After Aaron Yates tried to make a hero move in Laguna's turn two (Yates' wife states that Aaron was pinched by Mat Mladin and had nowhere to go), which in turn set off a large chain reaction of crashes--now Eric Bostrom is on his way to the hospital to have his shoulder x-rayed. It was just announced that he has "a dislocated shoulder, throax compression" of his right shoulder.

The Mid-Ohio round of the AMA series is in two weeks time--a double Superbike round.

If Bostrom can't ride, it will soon be a two man race for the title, with Mladin and team-mate Yates (currently third in points at 345) in a duel to the end.
That is not good news at all. Here is a pic of the crash.


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That is not good at all. Any word yet if he will be riding at Mid-Ohio or not?
This is from his website....
He was unable to race either World Superbike race as a result of this incident and it is unknown at this time what effect it will have on the next AMA round in less than two weeks time, much less the rest of his AMA Superbike season.  “I feel like a chicken that got caught in a tractor’s rut.  For now I’m just planning on taking it easy for a couple of weeks to try and get ready for Mid-Ohio.”

“But I’m pretty disappointed because until Sunday I was having a tough time with tires.  We didn’t have a tire that worked on our bike.  The only tire that I liked, we couldn’t run because it had given my bike tons of chatter.  So we made some pretty big changes and finally on Sunday morning I felt I was able to race with that tire that I had wanted to run all weekend.  I was really pumped because I could finally run consistently good lap times; lap times that the winners ended up running.  But in the end, I didn’t get the chance to try it out.  It’s a shame, because I think we honestly had the chance to win both races.”

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