Bristol iRace on FS-1


Ryan Preece and short tracks
May 18, 2014
iRacing takes a bit of time and patience to get used to. I was the same way with seeming to spin every other lap, but you develop a feel for it. Quick demos like that are awesome but turn a lot of people away at the same time. I watch these Pro Invitational events and take heart in the fact that true pros struggle with this sim. I also get kind of frustrated watching the contact (especially last night at Bristol) and thinking "if this were a normal race, these guys have long since gotten the penalty or disqualification for 17X points." (those who iRace know what I mean. Even watching Byron lead and scrape wall I'm thinking "1X. 1X. 2X....")

Yeah I was surprised at how hard it was. I'm not an old geezer- played tons of NASCAR video games in my teens. Knew I wasn't gonna pick it right up but still. It was dead so the guy actually gave me like 10 minutes but I still couldn't go more than a few laps.
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