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    These are racecars.
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    Hate to see the wife and my favorites get collected in wrecks, but that's racing. Also, I hate to see Ryan Newman win everything he enters in the mods. Even the wife said that she would have rather seen a Yankee win than Ryan. Good to see Frank Fleming (brother of the Show Stopper) do well and finish in the top ten. He'll get the winner's share of the money for the southern tour.
  3. I heard that Tim Brown got taken to the hospital after the race. I guess that wreck set off his extinguisher system. He wasnt able to breath. I hadnt heard any updates since though.
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    That happened Friday at Caraway and he was treated in the ambulance. The wife is a big fan of his and stays up with what is happening with him.
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    FYI, Buckaroo, Ryan Newman, having been born and raised in Indiana, is a Yankee.

    Here is a rundown of the top ten finishers:
    1- Ryan Newman, South Bend, Indiana
    2- Justin Bonsignore, Long Island, New York
    3- Todd Szegedy, Ridgefield, Connecticut
    4- James Civali, Meridan, Connecticut
    5- Patrick Emerling, Orchard Park, New York
    6- Eric Beers, Northampton, Pennsylvania
    7- Ron Silk, Norwalk, Connecticut
    8- Frank Fleming, Mt. Airy, NC
    9- Andy Seuss, Hempstead, New York
    10- Eric Goodale, Riverhead, New York.

    DARN! Look at that! One out of the top ten finishers is from below the Mason-Dixon line! Imagine that! Were there any teams from the south?
    Now we all know the next line in response will be, "they have all that big Yankee money pouring in," as if all modified owners south of the Mason-Dixon line are poor and shucking through salvage yards for parts to get them to the next race. :rolleyes:

    Not that there aren't good drivers and well funded teams from the south. There are and some of them had the misfortune of getting caught up in a crash early on but the Northern drivers were top dogs at the show in Bristol. Although I can't blame Buckaroo for trying to salvage a little something, anything, anything at all, from the results. Now, I'm one who thinks Justin Bonsignore could have beat Newman but he did have a slightly bent wheel and it was easy to see his handling was off in the later stages of the race.

    And, empathizing with Buckaroo's lady (Buckaroo refers to her as, "the wife") am not that impressed that Ryan Newman is entering these races. As much as I like Ryan Newman, I would love to have seen him get beat and would really rather he did not enter these races. YOMV.

    It was a perfect night to watch the races. We sat high in turn three and there was a constant breeze plus we were afforded shade from the hot sunset. I noted people sitting at the front stretch, sweltering and looking like they were hat, hot, hot, not to mention uncomfortable. With open seating, it was easy to find a comfortable place to park your butt and enjoy the races.

    Looking forward to the World of Outlaws Finale in Charlotte. Reservations made and tickets purchased. All that is left is to pack my bag, fill up the Dakota and wait until November 3rd. :)
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    Some maybe but certainly not all of us. We were sitting just behind the flag stand enjoying that race as well as the Truck race. My son wanted to sit down there once to see what it was like for a change. Our Nationwide/Cup tickets are high on the back stretch. I have to admit, before sitting that low I thought I'd be wasting my money but those seats were pretty darn good. I thought the view would be extremely limited but it wasn't @ all.
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    Hey Whiz, have you ever compared the winnings from both series (north and south)? There is a hell of a difference and there is a hell of a difference in the cars as well. But the southern teams are getting better and better.

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