BugEyed Dummy

Man...this joint is loaded with forums. Just happy to have a new place to hang out.

Thanks for the link.
Ok, I'll fit right in cause I hate all you simbitches.

How do can I get my avatar from over there to here? Ain't figured that out yet.
I couldn't get in with my GMC so had to create a new one. I was pretty sure I was banned he back when we used to go forum raiding. The Good old days.
I'm just hopeful that the introduction of 'free' FaceBook and the ability to connect on many levels with others doesn't kill this place too.
I bet it won't take long before they move us to a special place, or ban is again.
I bet it won't take long before they move us to a special place, or ban is again.
There shouldn't be any problems as long as you behave yourselves in open forum.
And yes, I do have options. The fun one being that I can put you in individual moderation --- which means I have to approve your post before it appears.
Sometimes that may take a while.
This TRL chick is HOT! Not as hot as Ali, Snow, Karen, or Jan.... But I like her.
TRL knows us, hell, used to be one of us, and knows what she is getting. She is simply letting me know she is the driver here. I was reminding her that I'm a tailgater.

Edit --- removed some sentences.
Insulting members is not a good way to start off.
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I know I respect the hand that feeds us
But the Podium is my safe space...:unsure:
Hell BED, I'm still not welcome at NASCAR.com. I've never been racist, homophobic, knocked any religion, or posted any of my personal porn.
Ok, lots of people to welcome. wooooooooo

We all are so thankful for this board, with so many disbanding. TRL is great, fury owns the board but is quiet. Anyway, a great big welcome to you all.

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