Cale Yarborough

One of the greats who was racing before my time, and sadly I never got to witness firsthand, but a guy I really liked and respected once I learned more about the history of the sport. I've watched a ton of old races many years later, and Cale definitely would have been one of my favorites had I been old enough to see him race live.

I heard he wasn't doing well last spring, so at least he's at peace now.
One of the greats. R.I.P.

Even though I was a Richard Petty fan, I liked Cale for some reason. He was tough, a hard driver, had a great smile, and just a way about him when he talked with that South Carolina accent.
Cale seemed to have a good marriage that produced children he was proud of and in it, he did what he wanted, was successful in business ventures and hopefully, didn't have to deal with pain and suffering in his final days. I consider him a man blessed and one who had little more to accomplish in his lifetime.

It is always sad to lose people we are familiar with even while not knowing them on a personal level and Cale, Dale Earnhardt, Sr., and David Pearson, are perfect examples of men who made this sport what it is today. Examples of those who left our existence and we mourn as if family.
Rest in peace, Cale. You've had a good and full life.
Deepest sympathies to family and those who loved him. :lilangel:
One of the very few driver hats I've owned was Cale's #29 Hardee's team. Not sure where it is anymore... I wore it a lot and might have worn it out.

May Cale never run short of horsepower in that great race in the sky.
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