Canadian Short Track Nationals @ Jukasa (formerly Cayuga) Sept 1-3 2018

Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by Westy, Jan 21, 2018.

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    I'd watch some of this alongside the Darlington race if it cost a little...well, a lot...less than $25 to stream.

    I see Matt Weaver's updates on Twitter, hope it's a good race.
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    Was a fantastic weekend. Car count was smaller than expected with only 4 cars sent home before the race, but at least three cars that were supposed to be in the sunday race wrecked in the Saturday APC. A number of cars from the maritimes also didn;t show.

    Bubba Pollard showed up and did what he does everywhere he goes. Practiced mid pack, qualified top 10, and ran his fasted laps in the second half of the race to win it.
    Carson Hocevar is unreal. Won the pole, restarted almost at the back of the 40 car field after spinning and came back through the field for second place.
    Cayden Lapcevich had some sh!t luck all weekend. Was smoking the field in the outlaw super late model race before the engine blew up late in the race. Sunday he got incorrectly sent to the back of the field as an involved car for stopping to avoid a wreck.

    Announced before the start of the sunday race, they're replacing the grandstands and putting in a pedestrian bridge to the infield after the Pinty's series race this year. Also basically doubling the purse every year. The owners want it to be huge and aren't afraid to invest the money it's going to take to get it there
    Total purse this year: $166k.
    Total purse 2019: $300k
    Total purse 2020: $500k
    Total purse 2021: $1M
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    Here is a fan video of the $50k race:

    There's also videos of the other three races from the weekend on her channel

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