CARS Tour (2023)

Accordion in Turn 4 in the top groove and we've got a bunch of NASCAR guys with wasted cars. Jr's rear end is probably pushed in a good deal.
Thats why I'm staying out, you cant take tires, fuel isnt an issue. Makes no sense unless you are junk and need to make an adjustment
Lot of big hits in that one. Just started stacking up until Suarez turned the 43
Track seems to be doing good though the late models weigh 200 pounds less than the Cup cars
Hopefully we can get a green flag run going here soon
Conner Jones has been doing a tremendous job of trying to crash for many laps now without success. I'm sure he'll achieve his goals soon.
I don't know how many cautions they plan for the All Star Race but if this sticks to being a one lane track, it's gonna be physical this weekend. I just wish we could have had a loooong green flag run where everyone's tires were falling off.
Queen ran a 20.92 on his last lap Second place Millington ran a 21.30
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