For those of you that dont know, I am a Team Coordinator and Pit Crew Member for a CASCAR Team - Team ATTO Car #50. Our Driver is young Rookie Sensation Pete Shepherd III.
Our goals this year are to Win the Rookie Championship for the 2004 Season, Win a Sanctioned Race, Place a top three Podium Finish, To Place a Top Five Finish, Win the Hard Charger Award, And ultimatley earn the respect of our fellow collegues.

What is CASCAR ?

CASCAR, Canada's Equivalent to NASCAR.

Established in 1981,CASCAR (Canadian Association for Stock Car Racing) is the governing body for amateur and professional stock car racing in Canada. Today it boasts the highest level of stock car racing in the nation, and sanctions Canada’s premier (and only national) stock car racing series, the CASCAR Super Series.

The formal establishment of CASCAR by President Anthony (Tony) Novotny fundamentally moved stock car racing in Canada from a position of fractured, loosely structured regional racing, to that of a national and progressive organization who’s member drivers and teams compete before thousands of fans across the country.

CASCAR continues to grow, through both healthy economies and recessionary periods. Canada’s top teams, drivers, racing facilities, corporate partners, and fans together comprise the family of support that keeps CASCAR strong and allows the sport to grow.

Mr. Novotny and his team continue to propel CASCAR into the future. CASCAR remains positioned as Canada’s only national stock car racing organization, and continues to operate the largest and richest of all Canadian racing programs today.

I hope you find my posts as interesting as the NASCAR threads. Next year I will be updating the forums as each race occurs and update you all with the race results and TV times.

2004 Super Series OFFICIAL POINT STANDINGS as of Sept 19, 2004

Pos Car # Driver/Hometown Car Make Points

1 4 Don Thomson Jr/Ayr ON Chevrolet 2047 * Overall Points Champion
2 1 Peter Gibbons/Stouffville ON Chevrolet 1995
3 39 Dave Whitlock/Petrolia ON Dodge 1964
4 23 Jeff Lapcevich/Caistor Centre ON Chevrolet 1847
5 02 Kerry Micks/Mt Albert ON Ford 1820
6 64 Mark Dilley/Barrie ON Dodge 1794
7 22 Scott Steckly/Milverton ON Pontiac 1763
8 60 Ron Beauchamp Jr/Windsor ON Dodge 1748
9 17 DJ Kennington/St Thomas ON Dodge 1695
10 50 R Pete Shepherd/Brampton ON Dodge 1671 * Rookie Of The Year
11 84 R J.R. Fitzpatrick/Cambridge ON Chevrolet 1645
12 19 Brad Graham/Glencoe ON Pontiac 1632
13 25 Jim Lapcevich/Hamilton ON Chevrolet 1624
14 88 Dave Jacombs/Mt Hope ON Ford 1514
15 55 R Rob Graham/Bothwell ON Chevrolet 1445
16 10 Doug Brown/Brantford ON Chevrolet 1206
17 42 Sean Stafford/Springfield ON Chevrolet 1164
18 86 Kenny Forth/Lynden ON Ford 1114
19 11 R Ron VanEs/Smithville ON Chevrolet 1070
20 32 Mike Alguire/London ON Pontiac 924
21 3 Stu Robinson/Holland Landing ON Dodge 830
22 71 Bryan Cathcart/Peterborough ON Chevrolet 738
23 3 Mark Swain/Stouffville ON Dodge 702
24 03 Jesse Kennedy/Southwold ON Pontiac 598
25 82 Ted McIntyre/Windsor ON Dodge 538
26 81 Shawn McGlynn/Kitchener ON Ford 532
27 7 Sean Dupuis/LaSalle ON Chevrolet 516
28 93 Joe Goncalves/Toronto ON Chevrolet 508
29 14 John Fitzpatrick/Ayr ON Chevrolet 502
30 8 Marc Miller/Holland MI Chevrolet 486
31 43 Bob Merrifield/Belle River ON Intrepid 484
32 76 R Jason Hathaway/Rodney ON Chevrolet 452
33 09 Trevor Seibert/Williams Lake BC Ford 400
34 52 Ron Sheridan/Strathroy ON Pontiac 388
35 35 Kevin Dowler/Edmonton AB Ford 386
36 09 R Kent Nuhn/Williamsford ON Pontiac 380
37 46 Kevin Trevellin/LaSalle ON Ford 358
37 00 Steve Munro/Carp ON Chevrolet 358
39 28 Steve Robblee/Dorchester ON Ford 346
40 18 Andre Coursol/St Jerome QC Chevrolet 338
41 44 Marv Wilder/Toronto ON Ford 334
42 94 Mark Graham/Odessa ON Chevrolet 328
43 41 Matty Tsoumaris/Toronto ON Chevrolet 310
44 5 Nik Lapcevich/Hamilton ON Chevrolet 292
45 36 Jim White/Kamloops BC Dodge 256
46 74 Dennis Masse/Lethbridge AB Dodge 250
47 77 Pete Vanderwyst/London ON Pontiac 244
48 27 Dan Saunders/Edmonton ON Chevrolet 242
49 38 Darren Turner/Kelowna BC Chevrolet 240
50 53 Scott Kessler/Calgary AB Chevrolet 238
50 33 Neil Fair/Ancaster ON Dodge 238
52 12 Ron Larson/Quesnel BC Dodge 232
53 66 R Josh Wood/London ON Pontiac 186
54 20 R Robby Reck/Kitchener ON Chevrolet 120
55 79 Wade Lee/Calgary AB Dodge 118
56 10 Glenn Mueller/Richmond BC Dodge 112
56 41 R Matty Tsoumaris/Toronto ON Chevrolet 112
58 81 James Ward/Kelowna BC Ford 110
59 91 Doug Day/Waterloo ON Chevrolet 104
60 20 John Fletcher/Milton ON Chevrolet 90
61 13 R Rob Starr/London ON Dodge 82
61 12 Michiel Diening Calgary AB Pontiac 82

R to the right of the Car # and in front of the Drivers Name Denotes a Rookie Driver

Congratulations Pete Shepherd III For Winning the 2004 CASCAR Rookie of the Year Points Championship!

Pete Shepherd III & Team Atto Should be very Proud of themselves for a Fantastic Year which included:
- Rookie of the Year
- Top 10 Points Finish Overall
- 2 Top 5 Finishes
- 4 Top 10 Finishes
- Youngest CASCAR Driver to Qualify Pole - Cayuga Speedway July 3rd, 4th - Canada Day Shootout Atto 200
- Qualified 3rd - Peterborough June 12th - Dodge Dealers Of Ontario 200
- Hard Charger Award - Molson Indy Vancouver

Pete Shepherd III Hero Card:

August 13, 1986

Brampton, Ontario

If driving talent can be inherited, Pete Shepherd III was blessed with a gene pool knee-deep. His father won races and championships across Canada and the United States for 20 years and if that wasn't enough, he married a very popular female driver by the name of Sharon Zardo. Does the last name sound familiar? Billy Zardo Jr. was a superlate-model track champion and their father is none other than the
legendary super late-model driver Bill Zardo.
At the age of 10, young Pete Shepherd's time had come and his family cut him loose on the karting world. Pete proved his ability to carry on the family tradition of producing champions by winning the regional championship and the Canadian Grand National Karting Championship in just his second season.
At age 13, he was in full-sized stock cars racing thunder cars, late models and super-late models, winning races and awards as fast as they could hand him the trophies. Pete's young face, humble personality and famous family name made him one of the most popular racers in Ontario. Of course beating seasoned veterans and winning All-Star feature events at 14 sure made him easy to cheer for.
In 2003, Pete qualified 7th of 38 cars at the largest stock car race in Canada, "The Canada Day Shootout "featuring CASCAR's top drivers and 4 NASCAR stars. His qualifying effort and racing ability among these stars caught the eye of a new team looking for a promising driver, enter team Atto, 3 races later and 3 more top-10 qualifying results and top-15 finishes and Pete has a ride for 2004 in the full
CASCAR Super Series, where he'll compete for rookie of the year.

2004 Major Objective:
-To listen and learn from the CASCAR Super Series competitors
-Win a CASCAR Super Series Race
-Win the CASCAR Super Series Rookie of the Year Award
-Finish Top-10 in the CASCAR Super Series points

Previous Accomplishments:
2003 - Qualified Seventh at the Canada Day NASCAR/
CASCAR Shootout
- Qualified in top 12 of four CASCAR Super Series events
2002 - All-Star Series Rookie of the Year
- All-Star Feature Winner
2001 - Fourth in points All Star Late Model Series
- Seventh in points Ontario Super Series
2000 - Flamboro Thunder Rookie of the Year
- Flamboro Speedway Driver of the Year
- Don Biederman Achievement Award
1998 - Canadian Grand National Karting Champion Owner: John Atto

Engine Builder: A.P. Race Engines
and Beauchamp Motorsports

Primary Sponsor:
ATTO and Associates Insurance Brokers Inc.

Secondary Sponsors:
Team Atto Marketing and Performance Racing News

Chassis Builder: McColl Racing Enterprises, Fletcher Race Cars, PRC Race Cars

Crew Chief:
Steve Mifsud

Jason Lawson
Randy Atto
Pete Shepherd II
Sharon Shepherd
Pete Shepherd Sr.
Bill Zardo
John Teune
Cathy Teune
Jeff Wilson
Scott Vancamp
Bill Zardo

CASCAR Intrepid Technical Specifications:
Length: 214 inches Width: 72 inches Wheelbase: 107.5 inches Weight: 2850 lb
Mopar 5.9L V8 (Mopar Cast Iron Block and Heads) Horsepower: 475+ Redline: 7500 RPM

2004 CASCAR Super Series Race Schedule:

May 23 Mopar 250 300 laps Delaware Speedway, (London, ON)
June 6 Cayuga 2000 Speedway 150 laps (Hamilton, ON)
June 12 Peterborough Speedway 150 laps (Peterborough, ON)
June 20 Mosport Road Course 200 km (Bowmanville, ON)
July 4 Cayuga 2000 Speedway 150 laps (Hamilton, ON)
July 10 Molson Indy Toronto 100 km (Toronto, ON)
July 24 Molson Indy Vancouver 100 km (Vancouver, BC)
July 30-31 Mopar 500 Weekend 300 laps Race City Motorsport Park, (Calgary, AB)
Aug. 21 Mosport Oval 200 laps (Bowmanville, ON)
Aug. 28 Peterborough Speedway 150 laps (Peterborough, ON)
Sept. 5 Delaware Speedway 300 laps (London, ON)
Sept. 19 Kawartha Speedway 250 laps (Fraserville, ON)

For Further Reference - The Years Events have also been documented at
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