Cat of the Day

I hate to have that cat pounce on me in the middle of the night. That could get dangerous!:leap:
Jeez, Good Lord! What a wonderful pet that guy would make. I mean the cat, not the man. I'd have to get a bigger litter box. If he is anything like my cats, I would come home from work and all the furniture would be turned over.
Wow! Is that a real photo? It looks like it could have been doctored, but I can't really tell. If not, that is one unnaturally huge housecat!
If I remember the story correctly, the man found the kittens at a nuclear power plant -- or something like that.

This pic and story first appeared about 2 yrs ago. This one kitten just kept on growing.
Actually, it's a doctored photo. Someone used photoshop to make the cat bigger.

It's a trick. :)
Poopy Paul, are you utterly certain of this? :p

(Sorry, couldn't resist!)
I'm serious...

And stop calling me Poopy.

That was my attempt to insert some "Airplane" humor into this thread.
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