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  1. Bobw

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    Just returned from the eye doc. I was told a couple of years ago I'd need cataract surgery in the future. Well the future is now. Need to research traditional vs laser and find a doc who doesn't use a melon baller. Only got 2 eyes, I'm not going to give any doc a mulligan.
    Asked if I wore glasses, nope not even drug store cheaters.
  2. sdj

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    If you are not needing glasses, I suggest a second opinion. JMHO.
  3. TexasRaceLady

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    I've had both eyes done with new lenses. Absolutely no sweat. Easy as pie.
    Takes about 15 minutes max. Just follow the medication schedule and you're done.
  4. Pat

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    I had my eyes checked recently for possible Lasik correction. I found I can't get the Lasik because I have cataracts, but they don't need surgery yet. When they do need extraction they will do the correction at the same time. I was told almost 10 years ago I had cataracts forming but didn't need surgery yet. I forgot all about it because they don't bother me.

    You might want another opinion.
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