Check out this old race in Australia


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Nov 14, 2002
Winston Salem, NC
I got this from a friend in Australia. This something to watch.

"Three laps of the greatest race track in the Southern Hemisphere (Mt Panorama at Bathurst, Australia) in the greatest car to ever race on that track - the mighty Ford Falcon XY GTHO.

I don't care if you are a Holden "nut" or a Ford fan ... this is awesome - the sound is
just brilliant. 9 minutes of good old Aussie grunt !!

During the race, you will see some old and very old classic racers -
including a 1957 Ford Customline - see if you can pick it.
MUST have sound.....turned WAY up."

DAMN! But that was cool! I got right into it; when the turns went left, I was leaning left and vice versa! Interesting how the track seemed to change once he cleared traffic and made the lap pretty much by himself. Did see the '56 Customline, pretty cool. Thanx, Buck!
Oh this never gets old.

The sound is just pure music.

Its a great track and you gotta love across the top of the mountain the massive run-off in case you have an error.... I think that from the edge of the track to the concrete barrier is about 7 inches.

Great vid.... thanks for posting.
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