Cheers And Jeers


peyton shea

Post something that you Cheer and something that you Jeer.
Cheers to all Father's out there !!!!!

Jeers that Andrew, my hubby, has to work on Father's Day. :(
^ Nice to see another WWE fan in here.

Cheers to Carlito Caribbean Cool, Jeers to Triple H.
Cheers to Jeff Gordon for winning the pole at Sonoma.

Jeers for the bad luck he has been having.
cheers for all the happy people out there.

jeers for been hot do to this wheather
Cheers to another beautiful day.

Jeers that it was so hot and humid.
Cheers for NASCAR being back in Daytona this week.

Jeers that practices got rained out.
Cheers for the bad luck Dale Earnhardt Jr has been having.

Jeers for the bad luck Jeff Gordon has been having.
^ lol you cheer for dale jr having bad luck? lol you are mean
Cheers to Tony Stewart for winning in Daytona

Jeers to who ever knocked out Mark Martin
Cheers for Tony winning!

Jeers for Dale not wrecking!
cheers for jeff getting a top ten and moving one spot.

jeers for jamie winning second.
cheers to winning the lottery

jeers to the government taking the majority of it
cheers for summer

jeers for the kids being home from school and being bord .
Cheers to Tony's win.

Jeers that Jeff G. has been having some awful luck.
Cheers to the Yankees in frist place

Jeers for Boston taken it away again.
Cheers to losing weight with friends.

Jeers to gaining it in the first place.
Hey good one peyt.

Cheers to ordering something on the internet.

Jeers to it not fitting. *frown*

It's the chest again, Peyt.
Cheers for it being the weekend
Jeers for my daughter being at her Dad's for the next week.
Cheers to find something you love on the clearance rack.

Jeers to it not being in your size.
Cheers to meeting new friends.

Jeers to those you thought were friends.
Cheers to The Young & the Restless/The Bold and the Beautiful

Jeers to one of them bringing Sheila back for the millionth time. :rolleyes:
Cheers to a good morning.

Jeers that it ended so quickly.
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