Christine McVie - RIP

Crap, she had the voice, she will always be young and beautiful to me this will take some time to process.

RIP Chistine you were such a beautiful soul.
Christine did the album cover art for the Kiln House LP in 1970 . She was only credited with keyboards and background vocals at that time, and of course the album cover art. Not sure if she was an official member of the band yet.

Is hard to believe how graceful and sweet she looked and sounded, could anyone ever have looked at and heard that woman and believed she was 77 or 79 years old.
I just had to sit down and listen to a couple songs and wiped my eyes.

In all serious even Brownie my dog knew and felt that some thing was really bothering me and respectfully didn't try to rob my attention during the moment.
Enjoyed her voice and keyboard playing. Was a Fleetwood Mac fan before and after she joined. Happy to have the albums to listen to as if her life goes on.
This one makes me a bit sad, I love Fleetwood Mac. She will live forever through her music, incredible voice.
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