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Is Kyle Busch a good mentor for great up and coming drivers such as Christopher Bell.

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Courtney Lee Travis

I am new to this forum but not new to the sport of auto racing. Being 61 years old I started as a pit crew (lol only pit crew member) for my best friend while in high school, I have been involved in the sport in one form or another ever since then I was 14 years old at the time

There are many ways to charicturize the best driver or the best all around drivers, the best athlete usually means the best at that particular sport best all around involves every sport that's connected to that sport itself. Best driver will be in that type of racing itself, NASCAR, Indy, NHRA, and so forth. Best all around means having the ability to step into any type or form of racing and being successfully at all of them, not necessarily a champion in all types but successful in them all. The one driver that always comes to my mind when I either talk about this subject or get involved in any form of discussion is AJ Foyt.

Ever since I have seen Christopher Bell drive in a race car of any form sprint, Infinity, truck or whatever it is of my belief that he will some day (probably) long after I no longer exist in this world be a large part of that type of conversation or discussion.
I believe that today Cristopher Bell could step into any form of automotive racing and be successful no matter the form of racing, he is that tallented. There is only one thing that bothers me about Christopher and his future and that is his affiliation with Kyle Busch., even though it might seem that I am a Kyle Busch hater that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm not a fan of his, I respect his ability to drive at the NASCAR level in all three of the highest level racing classes, it's his personality and the lack of respect that he has for all of the other drivers as well as the way he treats drivers in xfinity and the truck series other then his or JGR drivers and some of them he has shown a deep lack of respect for. In order for Christopher Bell to be in the greatest all time overall drivers one day in the future he needs to carry himself as true champions such as Jimmy Johnson and Richard Petty always have.

To me no championship driver in the sport of NASCAR has carried themself on the level that Jimmie Johnson has. Jimmie is the ultimate champion no matter the sport, I have tried to like and respect Kevin Harvick on the same level for all that he has done for the sport but there have been several occasions that he has totally disrespected drivers and instigated situations as a child would, one scene that I just cannot forget was a time when Jimmy ran into Kevin in a race causing them both to crash as Jimmie made his way to Kevin's camper to apologize Kevin attempted to push him and take a swing at him and Jimmie never raised a hand nor did he raise his voice, that is a true champion. I hope that Christopher Bell watches and learns form true Champions such as Jimmie Johnson and Richard Petty. Good luck Christopher!
Welcome to the forum, great first post. :waver:

I did not respond to the Poll as neither one fit my thoughts on this.

Christopher seems to be his on guy, from what I have seen. I think he will do what he has been doing and take good opportunities when they come to him. KB can be a great mentor, in Truck, Exfinity and Cup, to the young man in driving and how to drive various tracks in different equipment. I do not feel this will change his genetic make up as to how to react to varying situations, that will be his alone. I agree he is quite a good driver.

A good example is Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. both excellent drivers but totally different personalities on and off the track. I think this will be true of Christopher and KB as well. JMHO.
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