Chump Car?


Davy Crockett

Any of you all doing any Chump Car racing?

chumpcar. com/ about
Are any of you guys are involved in Chump Car or The 24 Hours of Lemons races? If you know a lot of racers, someone you know must be doing it. Enduro racing with $500 cars on a road course. I think nearly every road course in the country has at least one or two a year. Chump Car is racing nearly every weekend somewhere.

I don’t have enough posts yet to attach a link but you can google this “chumpcar. com/ about” and it should pop up.

This is good cheap fun, everything racing should be and it takes a team effort because you have to make pit stops and change drivers.
I've done several Chump races , doubt I'd do a Lemons race , just too cheesey. Have had a great time at chump events , look up Mike Ogren if you want to rent a nice ride , on the chump forum he goes by Mogren. I have a SCCA NAtional license and enjoy chump if that helps you.
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