College Football 2021

Very interested to see if this alliance will help lead some of the PAC12/ACC programs back to prominence, years down the road.
Two days after those three conferences announced their "historical" alliance, USC scheduled a game against LSU in Vegas. LOL
The new PAC-12 commish said today the goal is to get to a place where all of the teams are playing eight league games and then one home and one road game against teams from the other two conferences, so that would leave two games for schools to do whatever else they want. In the ACC’s case it would allow them to keep their rivalries with SEC schools and schedule one bodybag game against FCS or low FBS schools.

I think that’s a cool scheduling concept but it’ll also probably take a while for schedules to all get aligned, and voting bloc aspect may be the most important of all still.

Setting the dvr for Hawaii/UCLA and Nebraska/Illinois today
Hawaii was no test for UCLA, blowout city, they'll get the real thing with LSU on deck. Then we'll talk.
big roughing the passer penalty to reverse momentum on the Buckeyes INT
Didn’t take long for the first FCS over FBS upset. UC Davis take down Tulsa. Aggies were +22 coming in, it looks like.
Sounds like BYU/UCF/Cincinnati/Houston are locks to join the Big XII. That would be a very fun league across both football and basketball, but also likely means catatonic depression as a USF alum.
Noble effort by the Gophers last night, just gave up way too many quick strike td's on the defensive side, PJ Fleck has them believing though.

Ohio St, strong response by freshman QB CJ Stroud, first game on the road in hostile environment on primetime tv, good start good experience for him. They're loaded at the WR position, running free all night.
Is Georgia's offense that bad or is Clemson's defense that good?
Is Georgia's offense that bad or is Clemson's defense that good?
More of the latter. Daniels was pretty hot at the end of last season. Defenses usually prevail more often at the beginning of the season too, takes offenses more time to gel.
Apparently Kirby is worried about UAB next weekend, relax coach you just beat the #3 team in country!
Then what happened

They straight up got their ass kicked by a team that was willing to be just as physical, if not more, with the exception of #1 WR Boutte they got taken for ride, ran the football right at them and they couldn't stop it, shutdown LSU's run game non-existent, handful of big play-action plays and that was all they needed.

Monumental OOC win for the Bruins and Chip Kelly in a primetime tv slot against a noted sec school, that should boost future recruiting class.

They're a threat to win the PAC12.
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