Colored dots under # of Posts

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May 11, 2003
Madison WI
There are colored dots under user post #. Some are green, grey and I noticed one member had a red one. What are they for?
You can turn on and off reputation.
Members give it to eachother by clicking on the scale above the joinn date.
Yep. LOL

I've seen that i have 29 points. I also wondered who's the generous person who's giving me so much points?

THANK YOU!!! who ever you are. :)
There we are TRL..shining..:D

I've just seen the comment someone put up on my rep thingy...I didn't do it. lol..ummm
Hey you are on a Distinguished road as of now tkj, we are mid-way to fame-O-town like TRL. lol
I saw that. LOL. Maybe we will get there one of these days. We just gotta be nice to people like TRL
If you want others to give you good reputation points, just make good posts and you'll earn them.
What are the scales to the dot thingamajig? I see I have a one dot. I want 5. Does that mean I get to pester all the other forum users like an Amway saleman to get more?
Well, you could go that route, but that might turn those little dots to red. :D

You earn green dots by making good posts. Posts that show you given what you say a lot of thought. If other posters are impressed, they will give a good recommendation and add to your karma.

Most around here are very knowledgeable and are somewhat hard to impress.

But keep on posting. You are a welcome addition to the forum.
Someone gave me some ugly commets on my feedback. They have nothing to do with posting on a forum. :mad:
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