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:( My computer was crashing a LOT and I wanted a new one so last monday I called the guy that hand built it to see what he could do. He had a fash one and would take my old one in trade. I have a SCZY card in it for my scanner that had to be switched and I wanted the windows XP switched to 98. It took till friday to get it back. After workinmg with the new one I find it is a BIG POS worse than my old one. I'm cakking him Monday and telling him I want my old one back or I'll stop payment on the check. I may not be on line for a while.:p
Dang Tiny:crashcomp:

Good luck and we will all miss you:) :)

:( Hopefully he can get you back up and running just fine on your old computer, Tiny.
Tiny......take the scuzzi card out and throw it away. Ide is almost as fast (faster in many cases) and much more reliable. Copy all your favorites to floppies, list all your programs that you want back and find them.......if downloaded off internet get all addresses and copy to floppies. If you have a cd burner go now and download and copy to cd before you take the system down. Make yourself start-up disks, make sure you have your 98 cd and start up using the start-up disks..........format the drive and do a complete reinstallation of 98. Should take about an hour. Get yourself back online and get all your Windows updates, install your antivirus and security stuff, copy your favorites back to your favorites folder in windows, log on to your sites and re-enter your usernames and passwords. Do it yourself man......should take about 3 to 6 hours (depending on your connection speed)!! It's scary but not really fact it's easy!!:D I know, I've done it about 10 or 12 times in the past 3 years. Just did it last weekend with ME.:D
I'd get rid of both 98 and XP and install Win2K, if you can get it. (I can always send you a copy.) It's much more stable, IMO. I have all three on this computer, but prefer to use 2K for this reason. It doesn't fragment nearly as much as 98.

BTW, I was always under the impression that SCSI was faster than IDE, depending on type. He may not have a choice but to keep it, if he still wants to use that scanner. Check your Device Manager (right-click My Computer, choose Properties, then Hardware) and make sure there aren't any conflicts and that everything is working properly. You'll know, because you'll see yellow exclamation points or red x's. If you see that, let us know, and we can try to tell you what to do.
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