concussion syndrome in racing?

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    Ex-NASCAR Racer Pleads Guilty in High-Speed Chase
    ST. GEORGE, Utah — Dec 23, 2014, 7:13 PM ET

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    A former NASCAR driver who led police on a 150 mph chase through three states pleaded guilty Tuesday under a deal that spares him any prison time.
    Timothy Tyler Andrew Walker, 35, entered the plea in a St. George court to felony counts of failure to stop for an officer and possession of a controlled substance, the Spectrum report (
    The Hermosa Beach, California, man also pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors: impaired driving, possession of drug paraphernalia and having an open container of alcohol in the car.
    Walker said in court he's in a much better place than when Utah Highway Patrol troopers arrested him in January 2013 after a chase that began in Nevada and crossed into Arizona before reaching Utah.
    The pursuit followed a winding road that goes through the Virgin River Gorge. Nobody was hurt.
    Police reported finding methamphetamine, marijuana and vodka in the car.
    Walker appeared in court in a black suit with a short haircut ? a stark contrast to his mug shot from the day of his arrest, when he had dreadlocks and wore an untucked shirt.
    "I just want to thank everybody who helped me out," Walker said. He apologized to everyone who was on the road during the chase and said he's doing everything he can to be healthy "so this never happens again."
    Walker competed in 28 NASCAR races before the stock car racing association suspended him in 2007 for violating its drug policy.
    He is expected to get probation when he is sentenced Feb. 23, said his attorney, Trevor Terry.
    "Prison is for folks that show the judge that they don't deserve a break, that they can't be safe out of jail," Terry told The Associated Press. "Tyler is obviously not in that category."
    Walker had issues with alcohol and meth use but is getting treatment and working in the family company, Terry said.
    Doctors also have discovered that Walker has some brain damage from his many crashes during his racing days that might have contributed to some of his problems, the lawyer said. He's also receiving treatment and therapy to help with that.
    "He's not saying that meth use is an acceptable way to cope with that, but that's what happened," Terry said.
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    I think his meth problems are related to his problems.
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    absolutely. his history of craziness has been career long. first time I saw it was in 2002. just thought it was interesting that they mentioned concussions. just another waste of talent brought to you by substance abuse.
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    Or another waste of journalism that attempts to create a story that isnt there.
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    I'm on Walkers side but blaming racing accidents for his poor choices throughout life is ridiculous.
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    Circle Track magazine had a racing concussion story back in July of 2012. It's still available on

    Post concussion problems are real, but I'm not a doctor so I don't know if they can lead to drug and alcohol abuse or not. In Mr. Walker's case it makes you wonder which came first - drug and alcohol abuse or concussions. Bottom line is that racing is too dangerous to mix with drug or alcohol abuse, and even if you're sober a concussion could ruin your racing career. Build them cars safe, use the best safety gear you can afford, and hope your luck stays with you!

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