Congrats Nicky Hayden



Not that anyone cares, but I figured I will post it anyway.

Youngest person ever to win the AMA superbike championship:) What anawsome year, 9 wins in 6 races, man this guy is on fire!

And today was the Peoria TT's which is a part of the AMA flat track series. a guy by the name of Chris Carr has won there 13 times in a row and guess who ended that streak today, yep nicky on a last lap pass after starting dead last.

This guy may be too good for the AMA anymore, we may see him in world superbike next year, or I wouldn't be suprised if he did a race or two this year yet, hopefully he stays 1 more year in the AMA:D
Nicky Hayden has to be one of the best bike riders in the World right now! Hes kicking butt in Superbike and Flattrack he is unbeleivable! I never thought there would be another rider as good as Chris Carr in Flattrack but Nicky is showing that he has the goods!
I just hope he sticks around for the AMA 1 more year so I can see him ride again, it was awsome enough seeing him ride at Road america, but when he came to my home dirt track in Peoria and stated off by crashing in qualifing and barely making in into the field then had a false start which put him in very last spot, then caught up to Chris Carr(has won the Peoria TT 13 times in a row) and passed him with no prob. This guy is truly unbelieveable, I mean he was the only guy that passed on the jump and the right turn:calpping:

in case u didn't see, here is some pics from my Rad America trip
Those are some great pics, I havent had the pleasure of going to any kind of Road Race but I would love to see the Bikes on one!
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