Countdown to Daytona

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Sep 16, 2009
That's right guys it's that annoying time of year when little happens on these boards. So if my timer is correct it's only..........87 days until the 2013 Shootout.


Someone correct me if my counter is wrong lol
It actually says "Countdown to Daytona"
Who gives a crap about the Shootout? It doesn't matter where you start at Daytona, it only matters IF you finish ;)
Daytona! The one race in the year where there are less start-and-parkers because most of them are too cheap to run in the duels!
Alright, 87 days till the Shootout and 95 till the 500.

As of TODAY?

If you don't start it Robbybee will and you'll be kicking yourself;)

Is it that I am transparent or just consistent? lol

The 51st ROLEX 24 hour race is scheduled for January 26th. For me, that is the beginning of the rassin season! BTW, no destructor plates in the ROLEX Series! :p

How many days till then?

...I have no idea what number I'm supposed to be following so I can continue my proud struggle to find a crash picture for every number:D
87 days, 86, shootout, D-500....

4 days into the offseason and half you guys are losing your minds. ;)
I tried to locate a countdown widget for this thread but couldn't...

I thought I had one but the code wouldn't work here.
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