Cup RACE thread --- 600

It'll be interesting to see how quickly Chris Buescher can race his way through the field from his 39th starting spot. Also how long Christopher Bell can keep it in the top 5.
To the rear: Logano (diffuser change), Allgaier (driver change), Buescher (backup), Reddick (tech)
We might get a delay in the next hour or so if the shower pattern continues. I'd be ok with that.
It's so annoying there's a storm 100 miles plus to the south of me and they won't stop showing coverage

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The 5 car is really good, imagine what Larson could do with it!
Switched over during this 500 yellow to see Justin fight his lap back. Not bad.

My radar doesn't look as certain about the rain, but part of me hopes it does to give LArson time to get there and jump in the car.

I agree that Justin doesn't look comfortable in Kyle's seat.
Just tuned in, does Busch suck early or did something happen?

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