Cup RACE thread --- Chicago Street Course

I would have loved to see prime Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Ricky Rudd and Mark Martin duke it out on a street course.
If you’re not enjoying the race, don’t worry as you aren’t alone. This girl doesn’t think much of it either. 😂


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Its 134 miles till the checkered flag, we'll need to get gas and tires, and its getting dark.........
There’s no way in hell we see the true finish. Nascar and Chicago want out asap. 🤣🤷‍♂️
I’m with you. Just end the pain already. Can we fake an injury already? Enough. He’s done.
Sadly he just turned a lap within 3 tenths of Bell and faster than Larson. The track position ain't happening at this point tho
Oh Dennis. I hope you devote a fiery segment of your podcast to this colossal F up
Denny goes fully back-to-back on making a mess of a pole position on a course where it’s needed more than anywhere else.
To go from two weekends a year and close (like 6 weeks apart) of the sleepy trio of Pocono-Dover-New Hampshire to a street race….life comes at you fast
Denny’s podcast this week is going to be an apology to Alex
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