Cup RACE thread --- Chicago Street

If they all run the same strategy it could be a blowout if SVG gets control of the race. I hope some of the teams run different strategies like yesterday.
Oooops, a rare misstep by HRM, Hooters is still on Chase’s fire suit.
It'll be interesting to see how quickly William Byron can rally from his 27th starting spot, and how long Michael McDowell can keep it in the top 5.
Unfortunately this is what hurts our sport the most. the Incredible buildup and then it falls flat on its face because of weather.
Why are we starting at 5:00 anyway? That leaves 3.5 hours of light. Any delay and the race is in jeopardy
That radar looks eerily similar to last year it’s just 20 miles north
Seems like they didn't learn from the late start last year.

Another shortened race perhaps ?
Maybe this time it'll work . . .

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