Cup RACE thread --- COTA

I'm pretty sure that it was Brad himself that said prerace that he expects a lot of attrition today

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For anyone who say that I had to edit twice to spell "tough" correctly. Not drunk just very very sick and have been for 6 days. NASCAR while sick is always fun for me. More attention to the broadcast, less food/beer.
Sorry to hear you're under the weather. I don't think TRL will grade your spelling while you are sick. :D
They’ll probably never do it because it will mess the race length up but I really wish they could put a short cut in for the cautions.
The length of these cautions is just brutal. I stand by the call that these tracks should have an alternate restart line somewhere on the back

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Where’s the choose cone at? There’s no way they run this current lap then another caution lap right….right?!?! Lol
The guy getting married today could have planned to do the vows at the start of a caution and not missed a thing by the next green.
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