Cup RACE thread --- COTA

Nope, they can adjust torque and HP at what RPM they make it. More Torque for short tracks obviously.
So, don't they just need to re-map what they already have? Love this ****.
Reminds me a lot of Dale Jr with the COT. Had some success early and then fell way behind.
I always thought with Jr it was a combination of being disinterested and injured too but that makes sense as well. Many drivers (most probably) go though something like this. I watched Chase's dad only win two races across 9 seasons from 1993-2001 because he spent most of that time driving for his own team and they could not get the cars up to speed most of the time. I love how Bill will say right out now he had clue about the business side of the sport and how it was changing at that time and how he had the McDonald's sponsorship attached to him and should have just gone to Rick Hendrick with that and said "build me a car." I was then there for all of Kasey Kahne's struggles that turned out to be mostly health-related also. True fans stick with drivers through the good times and the bad.
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