Cup RACE thread --- COTA

I don’t understand wanting a caution. Unless you just don’t want Byron winning or something.
Leader is in T1 and 5th is in T20. At least the back to the field is kinda trying to make a show.
Stands have started clearing in droves. GA not as bad yet but still exit traffic.
Someone (in war room?) just told all the 9 spotters to be on high alert for a caution. Something up?
Many years ago I had to back a 48 foot Trailor into a dock off of a New Jersey alley with no power steering. I know how McDowell feels.
Bell is a second a lap faster and 2nd and 3rd are catching the leader

It’s nextgen era… he may be able to blow the doors off bowman but when he catches gibbs he’s gonna have a time getting around him

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