Cup RACE thread --- Daytona Road Course

Good for Chase. Best car won. Super impressive for Denny, dudes a wheel man. Stayed close with an inferior car.

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Chase and that 9 team have these road races figured out.

He's gonna be the all time road winner. 4 already.

Gordon and Stewart have the most, right? How many a piece?

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Chase the road ace. That team needed that.

Lol at no postrace
If anyone is curious about what happened to the 12 last stage, was too fast entering during the green flag stops. Put him way in the back and kind of had their hands tied and stayed out at the end, got eaten alive by tires on the final restart.

Great race, pretty ****** telecast, barely any midpack coverage and absolutely no post-race after the MPD wins the damn thing.

Hope we get to see more stock cars on this configuration in the future..
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