Cup RACE thread --- Daytona

Just renewed my subscription for the nascar app to get in car audio
Fox 50 here in NC isn't coming in very strong. Moved antenna 5 times and think it's better. Sling has about 25 Fox channels...none of them have the race.
Joel Mchale said that Kyle Larson was 2022 Cup Champion and no one at FOX caught it and told him to do another take?
It's about time, every off season is to long. This is the real new years day.
That command just added 5lbs on my bench max

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Not gonna lie I really wanted "Finally the Rock has come back to Daytona", and a full Wrestlemania promo, but I guess I'll take him just doing what he was actually brought there to do lmao
Woo let's go racing! 800 miles on tap minimum
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