Cup RACE thread ---- Fontana

Congrats to KB. It's been since like 2019 since he's legitimately won on speed.

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I’m anxiously awaiting his shot he takes at the 54 running in the 20s all day. 🤣
Just an FYI, 5 is fastest car on the track, like he's been at various points despite being laps down. That engine spared an ass whooping today.

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We heard you the first 27 times. 🤣. (I kid, I kid)
Regardless of how it ends Kyke Busch has been the best running driving so far at this early point in the season.

Leading and putting himself on position to win in every race, the dual, the 500 and today
About to set the record for most consecutive seasons with a win.

60 wins and soon to be 61 and he’s got another 10 years in the tank.
KB isn't even close to the top 5. Definitely top 10, but GOAT stuff is just ridiculous lol

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Yes sir, Rowdy Busch!!!! I thought he was washed????????
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Richard should ceremoniously take off his jewelry and give Kyle his watch or something, he is exactly what RCR needed.
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