Cup RACE thread --- Las Vegas

Reddick going to be there real soon. This is going to be a fun battle

Reddick just is such a god awful closer lol

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Maximum points for the 5

LOL. One manufacturer has won every Cup race and all but one NASCAR race this year. And Hendrick Motorsports will likely win 20+ races this year between Larson (6-8 minimum), Byron (another 6-8 minimum) and Elliott.
Credit to Larson for driving with discipline there. Did not come up off the bottom until he absolutely needed to play some aero defense. Did so for a lap, and let Reddick do what Reddick to figure out how to pass the leader wr the end of the race.

Larson has owned Vegas since coming to HMS.

1st, 3rd, 2nd, wreck, 2nd, 1st 1st.

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Props where they are due. Caught the end and saw Gragson having a good run, even sniffing the top five there. A few more like that and some minds might change including mine.
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