Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

Classy interview from Denny, you don't know how to take it.

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Blaney has ice water in his veins. Reminds me of JJ.

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A Ford, a Toyota and 2 Chevys in the bottom 4. Phoenix is going to be exciting. :punkrocke
Up until this year, I thought this guy was Kasey Kahne 2.0. Hell of a season once he figured out how to close these deals.
Blaney has had a lot of races where's he's been dominant. He's had a good 10 races left on the table. Seems like he took a step this year

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I concur with you both. Hes a handsome dude.

I cant grow a beard, so f yall.
Im 31 and I've rocked a beard since I was 21, and could probably grow one since I was 18.

I can't possibly imagine not being able to grow a beard. I feel for you my friend.

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The fact that Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon have 9 is hilarious.

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Waltrip has his fair share of them too I think. Just a nifty little trinket, I wonder what those fellas did with them. I’d probably keep ‘em all in my house
I just blew through the DVR. The booth was terrible, they never shut up.
Ima give the bonehead award to the assbag in the 22 for dumping the 54. Joey better get used to looking at the back end of that Monster car.
wow,no one to boo,i like all of these guys, i guess i will just boo at dennis. this is my order 5 20 12 24
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