Cup RACE thread --- Michigan

Weird. Dish Anywhere App is working for me, so it’s not the signal being out, even tho it tells me that on my screen
Satellite sucks.

It's been raining under a sunny sky here today, so I'd lose picture if I had satellite.
But it can’t be that, because if so the Dish App still wouldn’t work for me. It goes off the satellite. It’s working downstairs also. So something might be wrong with my Hopper,
Back in. Little cloudy outside, but normally Dish don’t go out for me unless it’s raining really really bad.
This may have helped. Unplugged my Hopper and it booted back up and took a bit, but it is working
I had one Hopper of two that was flaky. If anything went wrong with the other gear, rebooting that one usually fixed it.
Well now it’s raining pretty good here so, yeah. Can’t even use my OTA since it’s not on NBC. I use a stream but damn I ain’t trying to watch the rest of the **** on my phone lol. Wonder if the USA Network app working
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