Cup RACE thread --- Phoenix

Denny with 51 career wins. How many more can he win? 10? 15? 20? The cliff is coming it happened to all of em, we just don’t know when it comes
I'm thinking the same thing. My grandparents drank Pabst. Flashback to my childhood --- a looooong time ago.
I can remember when I was about 8 or 9 years old that it was my dad's favorite beer as well as all of his friends when they played poker or a neighbor basketball game.

One of the things that helped me not to want to be a drinker or tobacco chewer was getting to sneak a sample when they were not around. I just didn't like it.
The Toyotas have awoken from their early season slumber
9 team getting extremely pissed with the 8. Running them 3 wide a lap down.

Edit: Chase hasn’t said a word, but Trey is vocal
Surprising to see how out to lunch the 8 is today. Kyle can’t be a happy camper on the radio as the day progresses
Larson has a legit top 5 car, and another bad spot.

Entire race has just been recovering from the back due to pit stops

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Kinda ironic that it's hard to pass at the track we host the championship at huh
Your weekly cat update! I’d imagine it’s tough to see the tv from out there.


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