Cup RACE thread --- Richmond

WOOOOO!!!! back 2 back and big win #60

great drive by the more lap and he would of passed harvick.
If ifs and buts were cherries and nuts.
How is he not better? He's got more wins doesn't he?
Stewart has 2 more championships. And all his outside - of - NASCAR championships.

Harvick is one of the greats, but Tony is one of the best wheelmen of all time. You lost me here

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Harvick and KB have been in a "all time win" lock for about 3 years now.

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Oh I bet there are discussions at the Harvick household from the kids about not being at the track this week.

I knew Chris Buescher was burning his tires up when he got within a couple of tenths. I like Buescher regardless of what racing forum fans will say about his rain shortened race win a few years ago. He's a wheeler and he'll punch a ticket before too much longer. I said the same thing when racing forum fans were all down on Daniel Suarez and look at how they had to eat them words. There's no way Cole Custer deserved that 41 ride over Suarez. I said it then and will say it again! Super stoked on this Harvick win yeah!!
The joke's probably been told a million times already, but has Kevin Harvick, at age 46, regained the step that he may or may not have lost at age 43? :lol2:

Seriously though, congrats to Kevin and his team on back-to-back wins. From his interview, it sounds like they might be starting to figure these cars out. If so, that's potentially bad news for the rest of the field.

Shout-out to Christopher Bell, who was quite possibly a lap away from winning that race, and to Chris Buescher in 3rd, carrying the banner for RFK.
Lolol Chase Elliott is dumbfounded by this race track.

He's been funny this weekend.

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Whatever Childers has found this late in the season, the rest of the field is in trouble.

Wile E. Childers is on the case.

Also, Chase Elliott is really scary with his consistency. Another top 5 for the 9 team and they continue to click away.

Hopefully it aint a piece of tape or some dumb schitt that gets found and vacated the win tomorrow lol
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