Cup RACE thread --- Roval

wonder if they already had Rockefeller signed for the Roval after the let Gragson go? Would have loved to see Hocevar run that thing today
Repping my hero and legend today!

Fraudulent pit strategy to win the first stage is gonna cost Reddick a playoff spot. Texas all over again!
So the 23&45 flip stage 2, will start stage 3 with track position and finish up front.

Meanwhile, 5, trying to flip the stage will be restarting p17 for stage 2, and will be lucky to get 3 stage points, AND won't have track position for stage 3 unless they short stage 2 again.

Cliff may be out thinking himself. Minimal stage points for stage 2, only to start stage 3 deep in the field will be problematic.

5 needs to short pit stage 2.

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I was going to post the points of Larson, but between the web, the radio and TV they all posted different results lol. It's a cluster.
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