Dakar 2022

ive allways have followed this race and heard about this class,but didnt know they raced on a different course.cool thank you
I posted a lot of that class, Dakar Classic, but I don't remember them saying they were on a different course. Pretty cool retro stuff they race.
Joan Lascorz was paralyzed in a Superbike testing crash in 2012. He'll return to motorsports and compete in the Dakar following a successful crowdfunding.

Enjoy watching this every year. The talent, the landscape, but I feel bad for competitors that drop out early or have no chance for a decent finish because of something gone wrong.
No kidding, the scenery is spectacular, the desert is not fit for man or beast but so strikingly beautiful

Danilo Petrucci has won today's stage. :bounce: Maybe he's gonna make a 2nd career out of this.
Peterhansel in the futuristic Audi is out as well. He will be allowed to continue, but his times won't count toward the overall classification.
Sheesh! Glad those guys are alright. There's been a few of those end over end wrecks and happily the guys were ok.
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