Daniel Suarez Appreciation Thread


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May 5, 2023
Didn’t see one of these and I figured he is an Xfinity Champ and has a cup win so he deserved it.

Daniel seems to still be growing into things. He’s finally found a team that supports him and he keeps showing up in that 99 car, often looking like he can contend.

I’d like to see him take the next step and sustain in that to 10 range. Sometimes I am genuinely puzzled by his late pit strategies and his propensities to pick the wrong lane and get hung out sometimes. But he’s shown he has the ability to get up there and lead as well.

Plus he loves his mama. He seems like a good kid and remembers to smile.
I think it would be a fine thing if he raced in several areas like Larson and Bell. Think he needs something to let him in a bit more as he still has some habits I don’t understand that are holding him back. I think he could be a consistent top 15 if it weren’t for that.
While I’m out in the cold here so far wanna say that even though his one win and performances have made some think he can only compete at a road track…

His performance last weekend in St Louis 1.25m track was pretty damn impressive with a 10/5/7 finish in the stages. Puts him back in the top 16 points. Next week Sonoma should showcase him well again.
Instead of Budweiser or Busch Light sponsoring the 1 car, they should just use the Corona sponsorship on either or both cars.
He's on Race Hub a lot. I really like the guy and he has found a home at Trackhouse. He's a bit behind of last years record so I would like to see him bust out a bit for the second part of the season with some better finishes.
5th place start in Chicago (if the race doesn’t get washed away) isn’t shabby.

Daniel is starting to show real chops across different tracks. I see him pulling it all together if he gets continued support thru next year.
2nd place finish in a tight finish is good. But you can tell he wanted that shot even though he was unlikely to get any helpful push. That’s the competitor in him. Glad he showed he’s ready for more than a road race this week.
Poll, top 5 all day and finished 3rd despite that 6 second hose issue in the pit. Great showing but a What could have been day for sure. Hope he takes it all at Watkins Glen next week.
Poll, top 5 all day and finished 3rd despite that 6 second hose issue in the pit. Great showing but a What could have been day for sure. Hope he takes it all at Watkins Glen next week.
I would've loved to have seen if he would've gotten away from chase and maybe even made it Mcdowell. Bummer. All class in his post race interview..."We win as a team and we lose as a team" (paraphrased)
Regressed a bit this year with only 3 top 5 finishes and no wins.

Can’t help but think it’s something in his head getting in his way. He shows up during a lot of races but always seems to fall back in the 3rd stage. While Chastain is willing to go all out and get aggressive it seems like Daniel has started hanging back or relying on (bad) pit strategies late in races to get him a Hail Mary win. Is it a confidence thing? He’s a champion so he knows how to win and he shows he can do more than just road track but then never seems to bring it together. This year his DNFs were a real kick in the ass as well.

I will keep rooting for him but what will it take for him to break the ceiling he seems stuck at? Bruscher certainly showed it can be done.
Fingers crossed Daniel can show up in 2024 and keep his seat. It’s that third stage that seems to get him. He has the tools but one win in the past just isn’t enough. Gotta get one this year.
I said after he won the Mexico Series race at the Clash that u thought it might spark something for the year.
He now has two wins and fought for both. He didn’t back into either win. That’s more than many can say. So yes time will tell but he’s shown some real racing chops here and at Sonoma and he was the Xfinity Champion so I think there some reason for Trackhouse to be optimistic.
Love this guy. Daniel Suarez followed his dream, worked his azz off, and is proving his talent. On top of that he is a great person. Just like Ross, who worked his azz off to get here. Trackhouse has a special culture of achievement and camaraderie. These guys fit that perfectly.
Suarez isn't the greatest in the booth, but he's not the worst either. His english needs polish.
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