Dave Marics racing



I knew that dave was going to try and run some cup races with other drivers but did not knwo that he was running a BGN team as well. I knew that Dwayn Leik was racing a ar but i did not realize it was Daves car.. when i was just surfing i stoped by Daves site and saw this picture
Oh yeah, Dave has been bringing up Dwayne for a couple years now. Dave used to field cars for him for the Arca races, and last year switched Dwayne into the Busch series. They just have one car and limited funds, so they only enter a few races a year. Dwayne Leik also had attempted to qualify Dave's RealTree Cup car in a road race or two 2-3 years ago, if you remember. I'm surprised Dave hasn't given Dwayne a shot in his Cup car recently.
they are probably working on grooming him with small capital. maybe they will gain some substantial funding run a full bgn schedule then come up to cup
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