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  1. klemmabyna

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    no...I don't think he was going to be the next big thing. but I sure do wish we would have had the chance to find out.

    David Carl "Davey" Allison (February 25, 1961 – July 13, 1993)


    "In his short NASCAR Winston Cup career, Davey Allison posted 19 wins, 66 top-five and 92 top-ten finishes.'

  2. KodiakRusty89

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    In truth he was "the next big thing". He just never was able to take it to a legendary level. One of my earliest, if not the earliest, memories of watching a NASCAR race is '87 Talladega. I remember the delay following his dad's wreck as well as the win and iconic drive down pit road. The "Battlestar" paint scheme is still my all-time favorite.

    I was at Pocono in '88 for hid dads accident, in '92 when he flipped and '93 following his death. Watching Earnhardt drive around the track with a #28 flag will remain etched in my mind forever.

    He was a fearless driver who did get himself in trouble. He was definitely stubborn like his father. He was his own worst enemy in the Pocono wreck. I say with certainty that he would have one at least one title with Yates. Would he have had a legendary career? I'm not sure about that but that #28 was a helluva ride for another decade after his death.
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  3. Ford 222

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    The 28 and the 88 were badass rides after he left. Ernie may have won one in the 28 if he could have stayed healthy.
    Davey never even came close to his potential. It's a shame. What could have been.....
  4. KodiakRusty89

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    Both Davey and Ernie never got to reach their full potential. It's a shame how truly cursed the #28 was.....

    I really miss Robert Yates Racing in the 90's. They were something else on the superspeedways. Those engines were fierce....
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  5. be9ak7ts16

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    Davey was was almost the third driver in my forum nic. He was just edged out by the tiniest of margins by Tim Steele. What can you say about Davey that hasn't been said. His dad's talent combined with that Richard Petty smile. There is no doubt in my mind that he was going to be a legend. I've missed him since the day he died.
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  6. Davey might not have been the ''next Big thing''....... (which I disagree with)......... but........ I can about guarantee you....... had he not died....... Jeff Gordon wouldn't have the win list he has now.........
  7. ToyYoda

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    Hard to believe it's been 23 years. Oh what could have been had he not been taken so soon.
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  8. 2 Sweet

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    I'm glad I'm old enough to remember seeing him race. He was one of the best, and one of my favorites as a kid.
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  9. Kiante

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    I grew up loving Ernie, but watching Davey's old film was pretty cool.

    Robert Yates was an amazing engine builder... I wish I was able to see Davey race on TV, but Ernie was similar in a sense of that "wreckless abandon" type. Just petal to floorboard and hope it sticks...

    Sometimes we don't see careers pan out, but I bet it was special to see when he was here.
  10. Fordracing7

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    Ford lost Allison, Kulwicki, & Gordon within less then a year.
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  11. KodiakRusty89

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    They did gain Rusty in '94! Plus getting Irvan to replace Allison was a huge get. '92-'94 was such an interesting stretch for the sport. There was so much change during that time it's hard to put it all together. Major driver deaths, Petty retirement, Olds and Buick leaving, Indy coming aboard, Gordon emerges and the last years of the Lumina dominated that 3 year stretch.

    I always wonder if Gordon would have been as successful had the Monte Carlo not come about in '95. That car was like Elliott's '85-'88 era T-bird. Gordon and Evernham dialed that thing in...
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  12. Fordracing7

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    92 and 94 Ford won the manufacturer championship. Ernie might of won the title in 94 too had he not gotten hurt.
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  13. Ford 222

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    That thing was so cheated up it was pathetic. But that's for another thread.

    Yes getting Ernie and Rusty were nice adds to the lineup. I remember thinking Ernie sure didn't deserve to follow A driver like Davey. After the announcement he promptly spun qualifying at Bristol. But he proves me wrong and became a controlled hard charger. He was on his way to big things if not for the Michigan incident. Davey was such a loss.
  14. ted@economy

    [email protected] in the interest of equal time

    A lot of folks didn't think Ernie could do it. A lot more didn't think DJ could . I guess it proves the owners know more than the fans
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  15. Ford 222

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    Robert Yates sure did. And then it just fell apart after Jarrett and Rudd left.
  16. breatheoflife

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    Most will certainly disagree. The kid was something special.
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  17. You made a very short post......... but said in 9 words everything that a majority of us feel is right in every way..........

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