Deloitte to audit NASCAR team finances

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by FLRacingFan, Dec 3, 2018.

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    There's a difference between parity and what NASCAR seems to envision. Parity, to me, is when the rules are fair and everyone can contend. As long as the fast cars are still fast and teams can still innovate, we're good. When everyone's equal, we're not.

    Personally, I'd like to see all three manufacturers offer a "Spec" engine. Instead of just a few teams getting support, all teams do from their respective manufacturer. TRD, Ford and Chevy should all offer an engine and other resources for teams to buy, like on the Late Model level. That way the low end teams have the option of buying something direct from Toyota and not some hand me down shitbox engine that's got 1,000 miles on it and a shitbox hand me down chassis.

    I'm not good with everything being spec though. The manufacturers should still be in this - especially with what Toyota and Ford are investing in this sport. Don't do an Ilmor Spec engine in Cup please.
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  2. Greg

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    As long as they maintain minimum speed I am glad they are part of the race.
    Closing speeds is a very natural enhancement that counters a leaders clean air. It also creates an opportunity for a driver to make a mistake, which is a part of the competition.
    Some of the greatest races ever include tire wear as one of the main components or features. To fit the lingo an entire field of chicanes and faster cars on stickers mowing them down, it is great stuff.
  3. Greg

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    This is more about maintaining field counts and survival imo.
    Unbridled technology has actually been throttled for a long time, and the money has always been the elephant under the table. All of the "money is no object" types have been short timers imo.

    Even TRD, Ford, Penske, Hendrick, Hass, JGR, Childress etc, would be at risk in a totally unrestricted world. One or two of the major powers would get the upper hand and virtually destroy the others.

    Nascar needs to attract more team owners with their own unique strengths , the more the better. Loosing more teams would be devastating. And it would eventually hurt the prestige of winning if left unchecked.

    Leaving it to Ford, TRD, or Chevy is a very flawed model. It will give a few great seasons and great stories. The factory support stories from the 60s is epic stuff. But they left and shutdown teams, and left future Hall of Fame drivers without a ride during their prime.

    I do think enforcement and the capabilities create genuine doubt. But the pursuit is a necessity imo, not a choice.
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  4. Towmater

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    Interesting that the Teams want this or agreed to it but the posters in the thread are not for it or see issues with it.
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  5. Team Penske

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    Very few posters have any experience in running a big business and even the smallest team is big business. A corporation tax filing is there for people who know how to read it. This audit isn't to verify the companies books but rather to compile information for comparison purposes.
    One example would be how much money does RH funnel into his race teams from his other business operations. For that matter the same can be said about Jack or Roger.
    How many different companies are there under the RCR banner? We all know of at least 2.
    The numbers that interest me is to compare the race teams income separate from monies earned from sales to other teams. Love to see the books for Roush/Yates engines.
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  6. Johali

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    I'm curious. How would you know this? And being a "Big" business is subjective as to a persons own assets and experience. It's looked at in different way's by everyone.
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  7. Revman

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    Drop mic. Best post ever. Thank you.
  8. IanMcVittie

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    It is possible that several of us have experience running large corporations but not probable.
  9. StandOnIt

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    Nascar has a sealed engines process in cup and something similar in Xfinity. They increased the use next year. Engines have become so dependable they can be used for a couple of races at certain tracks.
  10. IanMcVittie

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    If I had to guess I would say that Nascar is looking more for guaranteed results and not parity. Nascar does not like organic racing and wants pack racing and game 7 moments. I’m sorry but real race fans don’t need gimmicks to make them enjoy racing. In fact the gimmicks detract for many of us and more are being added next year.
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  11. Team Penske

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    Your right as usual but reading some of the comments tends to make me think they have no idea what they are saying. A good example are those who think every dollar spent comes off the tax you owe. :rolleyes:
  12. IanMcVittie

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  13. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    When you are examining costs, an audit is needed. Teams and Nascar, in fact all businesses obviously need to look at costs, cash flow etc in order to see what is needed in what areas to operate more efficiently.
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  14. IanMcVittie

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    Well let’s hope that the teams can cut costs and someone else figures out a way to entice some new fans as cost cutting aint gonna work for that.
  15. StandOnIt

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    It got removed at least. troll on. An audit is important in any business not just Nascar. Nascar and the principls have been discussing for a while how to fairly cut the money pie, for Nascar, the track owners and the team owners in all of the three series. This is about an audit, not one of your endless soap boxes.
    here is what is in the main body of the post.
    Establishing a baseline on what teams are spending will help NASCAR determine whether to introduce something as drastic as a cap on spending or less grandiose rules to prevent team owners from overspending. Teams account for their spending in different ways, so creating a common accounting platform is vital before the sport experiments with any new competative balance framework, sources said. The audit will look at teams’ operational expenses, but not driver salaries.
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  16. IanMcVittie

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    It will be interesting to hear the stories from forum members and others as to who is circumventing the cap to gain a competitive advantage. I doubt wealthy convicted felon Gene Haas would need to think twice about it.
  17. BobbyFord

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    More meddling
  18. Spotter22

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    Also Chevy and Ford starting thier own engine departments would put Yates and Hendrick out of business unless they could incorporate them in to it, but that would be a huge revenue loss for Hendrick as well as Roush. In a round about way we already have spec engines because each manufacturer has a primary builder.
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  19. StandOnIt

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    haven't thought about it that way but yeah :D

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